About Us

We are an innovative medically supervised rapid weight-loss center dedicated to help you lose weight in a healthy and happy fashion. With your dedication, we will help you reach your ideal weight and teach you how to keep the weight off.  Our goal is to incorporate healthy eating into a lifestyle.  While doing the Very-Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), you will be examined by an on-site Board Certified Medical Provider on a weekly basis.  Most diet plans are accompanied by a 9-month Maintenance program where you will be examined and evaluated monthly to assure that your weight is staying off!  At WeightMedica we believe that a diet is not truly a diet unless you make lifestyle changes.

Our program has been proven beneficial to our patients with not only obesity, but also with metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and sleep apnea.  In weeks you can improve your cholesterol, fasting blood glucose levels, and even your blood pressure!  Our team of highly skilled medical providers, are experienced in managing your medical conditions while on the diet.

So what’s the next step?

Step 1:

Come in for a FREE consultation with our weight loss specialist and a Body Composition Analysis

Step 2:

Have blood work done, ordered by our staff of medical professionals to ensure your safety on our diet.

Step 3:

Meet with one of our primary care providers on-site for review of blood work and clearance for initiation of diet*

Step 4:

Get started!

* All patients require medical clearance prior to starting the diet.  Our medical providers hold the right to require additional medical information prior to initiating the diet, and also to deny clearance if patient is deemed unsafe for diet.