See what  some of our past clients have to say about their amazing transformations, thanks to the treatments they received at WeightMEDICA.

Michael H.

Starting weight: 311.5 lbs
Goal weight: 210 lbs
Ending weight: 210 and still going
Time to reach goal: 9 months
Benefits from diet: The weight loss has made my knees feel better, I stopped taking medication, and I no longer have sleep apnea.
Additional comments: The program and the entire staff are excellent and very helpful in all weight loss aspects. Also, I’ve learned how to control what I eat.

Vicki G.

Starting weight: 250 lbs
Goal weight: 175 lbs
Ending weight: 166 lbs
Time to reach goal: 1 year
Benefits from diet: Slow and steady weight loss while continuing my life style. Lost even while on vacations, including two cruises.
Additional comments: I was very comfortable staying on the diet because of the medical supervision. This was important because I am in my late 60’s.

Nancy R.

Starting weight: 192.5 lbs
Goal weight: 145 lbs
Ending weight: 145 lbs
Time to reach goal: 6 months
Benefits from diet: Deb, Sam, and Nikit were always positive even when I was having trouble with my weekly weight loss. There was always a reason as to why I didn’t lose or lost slowly- i.e. water was off or gained muscle. I was happy to get myself to my goal weight!
Additional comments: I was very satisfied and my appointments were never delayed. Very professional people and really took investment in me as a person- not a dollar sign.

Anthony B.

Starting weight: 307 lbs
Goal weight: 230 lbs
Ending weight: 223 lbs
Time to reach goal: 11 weeks
Benefits from diet: Seeing Deb and Nikit weekly for guidance, monitoring, and motivation was essential. Both are excellent and extremely knowledgeable.
Additional comments: I will be sending anyone I know that wants to lose weight, even family!